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Suffering with Relationship Difficulties?

Psychotherapy can help you to:

- Deal with relationship difficulties in a more constructive way.
-Understand your pattern of relating. These patterns often come from our childhood experiences of relationships.
-Create stronger boundaries.
-Strengthen your inner voice.
-Navigate difficult and strong emotions, such as loneliness, aloneness and anger.
-Handle conflict more constructively and give you the clarity to recognise toxic or abusive behaviour and to discern more loving behaviour.
-Help you work towards having emotional safety within your relationships and interactions
-Help you have more authentic relationships.

I work with individuals who are struggling with relationships.
Common issues include:
-Struggling with being single
-Commitment issues
-Making healthy choices in your relationships and repeating negative patterns.
-Struggling to find your voice and boundaries in relationships.
-Ambivalence over your partner.
-Grieving over not having a family.
-Ambivalence over having children.
-Struggles with extended family, friends and or co-workers.
-Jealousy and trust issues.
-Struggles to let go of a relationship.

Psychotherapy can help you navigate the common issues which relationships can bring.

Book your consultation today to explore how psychotherapy can help with any issues you are having with relationships.

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