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Suffering with Anxiety or Depression?

Therapy can help ease your anxiety and depression. We can often feel very alone with our struggle and find it very hard to reach out for help. Getting in touch with a therapist can be your first step in reaching out. Therapy can help you make sense of what can be a very painful, isolating and confusing time. As your therapist, I want to give you the space to heal and recover from your depression and anxiety. Through psychotherapy, my intention is for you to have more clarity, feel more empowered and generally be more satisfied with yourself and with life.

Could therapy help you?
Therapy can help greatly with depression and anxiety. It can help you understand and change your feelings, thoughts and behaviours. It can help you feel more resilient and compassionate. Talking through your fears and worries about the past, present and the future and having these validated by your therapist can make a difference to how you are feeling.

If you choose me as your therapist, my intention is for us to have an open conversation which can be healing, transformative and empowering. Through our conversations, we can shed light on your subjective experience. Through an exploration of how you exist in your day to day life, I will invite you to explore your core values, how you make choices, your relationships, your sense of self and sense of others. Essentially your life philosophy. Whilst we piece together your experience, we can identify any unhelpful patterns, assumptions, traumas that need healing and negative self-beliefs. This process in itself can be empowering and healing. Through psychotherapy, my intention is for you to have more clarity, and be more satisfied with your life.

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Do I have depression?

Depression is a low mood that lasts for many days and has an impact on many areas of your life.

Depression can often be described as:
- A shutting down.
- A black hole.
- Strong feelings of sadness, loneliness, panic, anger and fear.
- Feeling numb.
- Sleeplessness.
- Unable to enjoy your experiences.
- Judging what you say or do harshly.
- Loss of appetite or overeating.
- Needing to take substances such as drugs and alcohol to manage your feelings.
- A compulsion to self-harm.
- Feeling suicidal and/or having suicidal thoughts.

If you are having suicidal thoughts and feelings then please reach out to the Samaritans on this number: 116 123

Depression is not a weakness and it is nothing to be ashamed of. It takes great strength and courage to live every day with depression. Please don't suffer alone.

Do I have anxiety?

Anxiety is a natural human response to when we perceive that we are under threat. Anxiety is when we feel tense, worried or afraid. Anxiety is extremely common and is actually very useful as it can keep us safe and inform us when there is a threat. You may feel anxiety when experiencing particularly stressful events such as divorce or moving house. For some people, however, anxiety can be debilitating and can have a real impact on their day to day life.

Anxiety may become a problem when:

- Your feelings of anxiety are very strong or last for a very long time
- Your fears or worries are all consuming, and out of proportion to the actual situation. Perhaps something from your past is being triggered.
- You avoid situations that cause anxiety
- You find it difficult to enjoy your daily life and finding it hard to connect with people around you
- You are having panic attacks
- You are depending on alcohol, drugs and other substances to manage your feelings

"Whoever has learnt to be anxious in the right way has learnt the ultimate".

For more information please go to the Mind Website

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