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Workshops for the Music Industry: Promoting wellbeing, autonomy and positive mental health in the music industry

Authentic living in an inauthentic world
How to develop your identity / story / brand in the music industry
Keywords: Identity / sense of self / congruence / authenticity / brand /artist / musician / songwriter /social media
Key questions: what is your identity as an artist?
How does your artist identity differ from your personal identity?
How can you develop your brand?
How can you be authentic in the music industry?

Do you really want to hurt me?
Managing conflict within the music industry
Key words: Relating / conflict / anger / difficult conversations / narcissism / toxic behaviours / de-escalation
Key Questions: What examples of conflict may you meet in the music industry?
How do you manage conflict?
What is your communication style?
How can you handle toxic behaviour?
How do you recognise narcissistic traits?
How can you de-escalate conflict?

Help! I need somebody!
Mental Health First Aid and Crisis Management
Key words: Mental health / crisis / depression / anxiety / panic attacks / mindfulness / breathing techniques / trauma / grounding / referring on / support / active listening
Key Questions: How to recognise when someone may be in a crisis?
How to respond when somebody is a crisis?
What is and isn’t your responsibility?
Where can you sign post people to?
How can you enhance your active listening skills?
What is depression?
What is anxiety?
What is trauma?

How to be a music industry mentor
To be an effective music industry mentor it is essential to enhance your interpersonal skills such as active listening, reflective communication, self-awareness, uncovering your experiences, biases, blind spots, values and assumptions, and to be aware of how we relate to ourselves and others.
Key words: non-judgemental / compassion / support / active listening / motivational interviewing / self-awareness / self-care / mentoring
Key Questions: How can you foster skills in active listening?
How can you foster skills in reflective communication?
How can you cultivate self-awareness?
How can we uncover our experiences, biases, blind spots, values and assumptions?
How do we relate to ourselves and others?

Imposter Syndrome and the Music Industry
Do you ever feel like a fraud? This workshop will be exploring imposter syndrome and how to overcome it
Key words: Imposter syndrome / doubt / fear / shame / career / fraud
Key Questions: What is imposter syndrome?
How does it manifest in your life?
How can you overcome imposter syndrome?

Workshop rate £75 per hour (this includes planning and preparation as well as creating resources)
2 hour workshop £150.00
Half day workshop £350.00
Full day workshop £600.00

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