Cristalle Hayes Therapy Experienced Psychotherapist (UKCP) in Mayfair, Central London

How do I work?

As your psychotherapist, I endeavour to create a safe, compassionate and confidential space to explore your experiences and struggles. My intention is for us to have an open conversation which can be healing, transformative and empowering. Through our conversations, we can shed light on your subjective experience. Through an exploration of how you exist in your day to day life, I will invite you to explore your core values, how you make choices, your relationships, your sense of self and sense of others. Essentially your life philosophy. Whilst we piece together your experience, we can identify any unhelpful patterns, assumptions, traumas that need healing and negative self-beliefs. This process in itself can be empowering and healing. Through psychotherapy, my intention is for you to have more clarity, and be more satisfied with your life.

I work relationally which means we can use our therapeutic and professional relationship to explore how you relate to yourself and others. I endeavour not to be aloof or take the stance of expert but to sit with you in your struggle as someone who also can struggle with living.

Therapy is not the same as talking with a friend: it is both an intimate and a professional relationship which needs to be clearly defined and which forms the basis of the therapeutic work. Because this relationship is so important, an initial consultation session can help us to decide if we are 'right' for each other. I can provide referrals to other therapists and practitioners where appropriate.

The overriding quality of our sessions together would be that the sessions are for you, about you, and yours to use as you wish. Many clients find this both comforting and empowering.

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