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Psychotherapy and Counselling in Mayfair, Central London.

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Looking for help?

Therapy can offer you time and space which is:

• Yours to explore any concerns and struggles
• Completely safe
• Discrete
• Compassionate
• Non-Judgemental
• Sometimes challenging

People often come to therapy when they have reached a crisis point and feel something needs to change but they are not sure what that change is.

People often feel confused as to whether therapy can help with this.

This is why I have a consultation session at my room in Mayfair, to explore whether therapy with me is right for you.

As a therapist I focus on:

• Empowering clients to make the choices and changes they want to make.
• Building acceptance and compassion when it comes our limitations and the situations we have no control over.
• Creating deeper connections with one’s self and with others
• Creating a better understanding of our emotions

My aim as a therapist is for you to reach a point when you don’t feel you need therapy anymore.
How long that takes is up to each individual.
I do like to do regular reviews to make sure the therapy is going in the direction you want it to go.

Often, when clients have finished therapy they say that:
• Their relationship with themselves has improved. They trust themselves more.
• They have better relationships with others
• They communicate better
• They have stronger boundaries
• They don’t feel so overwhelmed by their emotions
• They have left a difficult situation and feel more in control
• They feel better able to deal with life’s challenges.

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What to expect

If you were to book a consultation with myself I would invite you to come to my room In Grosvenor Street, Mayfair, London. This will be at a mutually agreed time. I would then ask you what brings you to therapy? Why now? I will explore what it is you feel you want to get from therapy and how your life would look after therapy. I would explore common fears and concerns around therapy. I would then get a general sense of your situation.

If we then agree to work together, we will then agree to weekly 50 minute sessions at the same time each week.

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Working with Cristalle

I am a UKCP registered existential psychotherapist, supervisor and workshop facilitator with extensive experience working in private practice, NHS, charities, and academic institutions. I have experience of working with clients of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities. I completed my 5 year training at Regents University.

Prior to my training in psychotherapy, I worked as a teacher in secondary schools and within the music industry, primarily in studios and publishing. Teaching and the music industry can both be stressful environments, this experience was what inspired me to retrain and work in a more therapeutic way. I am also a published writer, avid reader, lover of music, foodie, mental health advocate and mother. I draw upon all my experiences above in my work as a psychotherapist.

I have a particular interest and extensive experience of working with adult children of toxic, alcoholic, addicted, abusive, narcissistic, and/or absent parenting. I also work with clients who have come from divorced backgrounds.

Toxic family environments can extend to our working environments and I have extensive experience of the everyday trauma and impact of working in stressful situations, especially within academic settings and within the music industry.

How to get started

To book a consultation with myself, send me an email, text or leave me a voice message on my phone. I will get back to you as soon as I can. Then we can discuss availability. I will then invite you for a consultation session.
My fee is £100 for a 50 minute consultation session and £100 for each session.


I offer one to one psychotherapy to adolescences and adults.
I offer supervision to psychotherapists and counsellors
I provide workshops and training on a wide range of topics including:
Mental Health and the Music Industry

Psychotherapy includes but is not limited to:
Anxiety therapy
Stress therapy
Depression Therapy
Trauma/PTSD Therapy

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